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Pfu DNA Polymerase (5U/µl) (w/dNTP)

Part E
Storage : -20 °C (Blue/Dry Ice)
Shelf Life : 24 Months
HSN Code : 38229090
IMDG Identification :Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
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Appearance (Form)Liquid
Appearance (Colour)Colourless
Appearance (Clarity)Clear
Amplification capabilityUp to 2kb DNA fragment
Absence of nucleasesNo contamination
DNA contaminationNo Plasmid or Genomic DNA contamination
Pfu DNA polymerase, derived from the hyperthermophilic archae Pyrococcus furiosus, has been shown to exhibit superior thermostability and proofreading properties compared to other thermostable polymerase. Unlike Taq DNA polymerase, highly thermostable Pfu DNA polymerase possesses 3' to 5' exonuclease proofreading activity that enables the polymerase to correct nucleotide-misincorporation errors. This means that Pfu DNA polymerase-generated PCR fragments will have fewer errors than Taq-generated PCR inserts. Using Pfu DNA polymerase in your PCR reactions results in blunt-ended PCR products, which are ideal for cloning into blunt-ended vectors. Pfu DNA polymerase is superior for techniques that require high-fidelity DNA synthesis.

High-fidelity PCR and primer-extension reactions
PCR cloning and blunt-ended amplification product generation

250 Units
• Pfu TAQ Polymerase (5U/μl) - 50 μl
• 10X Pfu TAQ Buffer with MgCl2 - 1.25ml
• 6 X Loading Buffer - 1.0ml
• dNTP mix (2.5mM each) - 1.0ml

1000 Units
• Pfu TAQ Polymerase (5U/μl) - 200 μl
• 10X Pfu TAQ Buffer with MgCl2 - 1.25ml x 2
• 6 X Loading Buffer - 1.0ml
• dNTP mix (2.5mM each) - 1.0ml
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250 Units
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1000 Units
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