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Low-Range Protein Marker: 3-40 kDa

Part E
Storage : -20 °C (Blue/Dry Ice)
Shelf Life : 18 Months
HSN Code : 38229090
IMDG Identification :Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
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Appearance (Form) Liquid
Appearance (Colour)Blue
Appearance (Clarity)Clear
SDS-PAGE AnalysisElectrophoresis of the marker should show five crisp bands of almost equal intensity and be visualised by Coomassie Blue staining or SpryBlue staining.
BioLit Low range Protein Marker includes proteins in the range of 2.5 to 40 kDa. With the advent of proteomics and identification of many low molecular weight proteins and domains being involved in important functions, there is an emerging interest in polypeptides in this range. This is also a useful range for electrophoresis based peptide mapping, especially using Tricine SDS - PAGE. This is a ready-to-use protein marker.
The markers have been carefully prepared under sterile conditions and stored in appropriate additives to ensure long term stability.

SDS PAGE Analysis and Western Blotting
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