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Carbohydrates are biological molecules including the groups sugars, starch and cellulose. They have wide variety of applications in biological and biochemistry research. The product range contain a very extensive range of highly purified SRL carbohydrate compounds which are typically used for such advanced research applications.

  β-D-Allose extrapure for biochemistry
  Acetobromo-D-Galactose extrapure
  Acetobromo-D-Glucose extrapure
  1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-Tri-O-Benzoyl-b-D-Ribofuranose extrapure, 98%new
  1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-Tri-O-Benzoyl-b-L-Ribofuranose extrapure, 98%new
  1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-Tri-O-Benzoyl-D-Ribofuranose extrapure, 98%new
  1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-Tri-O-Benzyl-b-D-Ribofuranose extrapure, 95%new
  1-O-Acetyl-2,3,5-Tri-O-Benzyl-D-Ribofuranose extrapure, 98%new
  Adonitol (Ribitol) extrapure for biochemistry
  Alloxan monohydrate extrapure
  Arabic Acid pure
  L-Arabinose ExiPlus
  D-Arabinose extrapure
  L-Arabinose extrapure
  B-D-Galactose Pentaacetate extrapure
  β-D-Glucose Pentaacetate extrapure for biochemistry
  Calcium Alginate ex. Brown Algae pure
  Carbohydrate Kit Type II
  Carbohydrates Kit Type I
  D-Cellobiose extrapure
  Cellulose microcrystalline pure for TLC
  Chitin extrapure
  a-Chloralose pure, 98%new
  D(+)Fucose extrapure
  D(+)Melibiose Monohydrate extrapure
  D(-)Fructose extrapure
  D(-)Ribulose extrapure
  D-(-) Salicin extrapure for biochemistry
  D-Altrose extrapure
  D-Amygadlin extrapure for biochemistry
  D-Mannitol extrapure
  D-Mannitol extrapure AR
  D-Mannosamine Hydrochloride extrapure for biochemistry
  D-Mannose Pentaacetate extrapure
  D-Melezitose Hydrate extrapure
  D-Ribose extrapure
  D-Ribose-5-Phosphate Barium Salt extrapure
  D-Sorbitol Powder extrapure
  D-Trehalose Dihydrate extrapure CHR
  2-Deoxy-D-Glucose extrapure
  2-Deoxy-D-Ribose extrapure
  2-Deoxygalactose extrapure
  Dextrin (white)
  Dextrose extrapure AR, ACS
  Dextrose extrapure
  Dextrose Monohydrate extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus, 99.5%new
  Diacetone-D-Glucose (DAG) extrapure
  Digoxin extrapure
  Dulcitol extrapure
  Erythritol extrapure for biochemistry
  Esculin extrapure
  Ethylidene Glucose extrapure
  L-Fucose extrapure
  D-Galactose extrapure
  β-D-Gentiobiose extrapure for biochemistry
  Gitoxin extrapure
  α-D-Glucose Pentaacetate extrapure
  D-Glucuronic Acid extrapure
  Glycogen (ex. Oyster) extrapure for biochemistry
  Guar Gum extrapure
  Gum Acacia extrapure
  Gum Acacia (enzyme free) extrapure AR
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt - Type 1 (600-1000 KD) extrapure
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt - Type 2 (1000-2000 kD) extrapure
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt - Type 3 (80-100 kD) extrapure
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt - Type 4 (40-50 kD) extrapure
  Hyaluronic Acid Sodium Salt - Type 5 (8-15 kD) extrapure
  Inulin extrapure
  Isomaltopentaose extrapure
  Isomaltose extrapure for biochemistry
  Isomaltotetraose extrapure
  Isomaltotriose extrapure
  L-Lyxose extrapure
  L-(-) Arabitol extrapure for biochemistry
  L-Allose extrapure
  Lactose extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus
  Lactose extrapure AR
  D-Lyxose extrapure
  Maltoheptaose extrapure
  Maltohexaose extrapure
  Maltopentaose extrapure
  Maltotetraose extrapure
  Maltotriose extrapure
  D-Mannitol extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus
  D-Mannose extrapure AR
  D-Mannose extrapure AR, ExiPlus
  D-Mannose-6-Phosphate Barium Salt Hydrate extrapure
  D(+) Melibiose (98%) anhydrous extrapure
  N-Acetyl-D-Galactosamine extrapure
  N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine extrapure AR
  4-Nitrophenyl trans-Ferulate extrapure
  Octyl α-D-Galactopyranoside
  Octyl α-D-Glucopyranoside
  Octyl β-D-Galactopyranoside
  Pectic Acid pure
  Pectin pure
  Potassium Gluconate
  Potato Starch pure
  Pullulan extrapure
  D-Raffinose Pentahydrate extrapure
  L-Rhamnose extrapure
  Saponin extrapure
  Sorbic Acid pure
  D-Sorbitol Powder ExiPlus
  L(-)Sorbose extrapure
  Stachyose Tetrahydrate extrapure for biochemistry
  Starch Corn pure
  Starch Soluble extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus
  Starch Soluble extrapure
  Starch soluble extrapure AR
  Sucrose extrapure AR, ACS
  Sucrose Palmitate extrapure
  Sucrose Octasulphate Aluminium Salt (Sucralfate) extrapure
  Sucrose pure
  1,2,3,5-Tetra-O-Acetyl-b-D-Ribofuranose extrapure, 98%new
  Xanthan Gum ExiPlusnew
  Xylan from beechwood
  Xylan from Corn Cob
  Xylitol extrapure for biochemistry
  L-(-) Xylose extrapure for biochemistry
  D-(+)-Xylose ExiPlus
  D-(+)-Xylose extrapure

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