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Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic extracts which are distilled from a variety of aromatic plant material including grasses, leaves, flowers, needles & twigs, peel of fruit, wood and roots. We offer a select range of essential oils which can be used for quality control and research work in the study of aromatic chemistry, pharmacology, aromatherapy and other such areas. Our products are extracted from the best sources available and packed after passing our stringent quality control. Lipids & Fatty Acids and derivatives are an important group of chemicals in chemistry and especially in biochemistry which are a group of naturally occurring molecules that include fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamins A, D, E, and K), monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, phospholipids, and others. The main biological functions of these compounds include storing energy, signaling, metabolizing to yield ATP, and acting as structural components of cell membranes. They even have applications in the cosmetic and food industries as well as in nanotechnology. The range products are very high in SRL purity and can be used as laboratory standards in research and reference applications.

  Ajowan Seed Oil extrapure
  Almond Oil pure
  Appleseed oil
  Arachis Oil pure
  Bees Wax pure
  Bergamot Oil extrapure
  Castor Oil pure
  Cedarwood Oil Natural for microscopy
  Chitosan Oligosaccharide (water soluble) extrapure, 90% DA
  Cholesterol Reference Standard Grade for molecular biology, 99%
  Cholesterol extrapure AR, 99%
  Cholesteryl Acetate extrapure, 99%
  Cholesterol extrapure, 98%
  Citronella Oil extrapure, 34%
  Clove Oil extrapure, 80%
  Peppermint oil extrapure, 50%
  Cumin Seed Oil extrapure, aldehyde 28%
  Cypriol Oil extrapure, 99%
  Emulsifying Wax pure
  Ethyl Oleate pure
  Eucalyptus Oil extrapure, 60%
  Jojoba oil extrapure
  Lanolin anhydrous extrapure
  Lanosterol pure ~60%
  Lauric Acid pure, 99%
  Lauric Acid Methyl Ester extrapure, 99%
  Lavender oil extrapure, 20%
  Lecithin ex. Soya, 30%
  Lecithin ex. Egg, 60%
  Linoleic Acid (Free Acid) extrapure, 99%
  Linoleic Acid Methyl Ester extrapure, 99%
  Myristic Acid (High Purity) extrapure, 99.5%
  Myristic Acid pure, 95%
  Myristic Acid extrapure AR, 99%
  Myristic Acid Methyl Ester extrapure, 99%
  Myristyl Alcohol (1-Tetradecanol) pure, 98%
  Oleic Acid extrapure
  Olive Oil
  Orange Oil extrapure
  Palmitic Acid extrapure, 99%
  Palmitic Acid Methyl Ester extrapure, 99%
  Paraffin Wax (Liquid) Light extrapure
  Paraffin Wax (Liquid) Heavy extrapure
  Paraffin Wax White Soft pure
  Paraffin Wax Pellets (Type 1 - 56-58) extrapure
  Paraffin Wax Pellets (Type 2 - 58-60) extrapure
  Paraffin Wax Pellets (Type 3 - 60-62) extrapure
  Paraffin Yellow pure
  Rose Oil extrapure
  Sodium Caprylate extrapure, 99%
  Stearic Acid ExiPlus, 99%
  Stearic Acid pure, 95 - 106%
  Stearic Acid extrapure, 99%
  Stearic Acid Methyl Ester extrapure, 99%
  Trilaurin extrapure, 99%
  Trilaurin pure, 97%
  Trimyristin extrapure, 99%
  Trimyristin pure, 97%
  Triolein extrapure 99%
  Tripalmitin extrapure, 99%
  Tripalmitin technical grade
  Tristearin extrapure, 99%
  Tristearin technical
  Turpentine oil extrapure

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