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No microscopic analysis work is possible without dyes, stains or indicators. Functionally, dyes and stains are extremely critical in biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiological research work, because they are often used to dye or stain certain cell components, protein, or DNA/RNA in order to visualize them.
In biochemistry and molecular biology work, dyes and stains are used to highlight biological tissues and to quantify or qualify presence of certain chemical substances when attached to substrates.

In microbiology, Dyes & Stains are used to make micro-organisms visible or differentiate them due to distinct staining properties. On the other hand, Indicators are often used to measure pH of samples. They are added to microbiological culture media to detect metabolic properties of micro-organims.

SRL has a large range of such specialized products which are best-in-class in its category, only with the highest quality, absorption capability and dye content.

  2,6-Dichlorophenol Indophenol Sodium Salt ACS, ExiPlus
  2,7-Dichlorofluorescein (DCF) extrapure AR, ACS
  Aceto Orcein for microscopy
  Acid Fuchsin for microscopy
  Acridine Orange hemi(Zinc Chloride) Salt
  Acridine Orange hemi(Zinc Chloride) salt for molecular biology
  Acridine yellow for microscopy C.I. No. 46025
  Acriflavine Neutral for molecular biology
  Albert`s Stain B for microscopy
  Albert`s Stain A for microscopy
  Alcian Blue for microscopy
  Alizarin Red S Indicator
  Aluminon extrapure
  Aniline Blue (W/S) for microscopy
  Arsenazo 1 extrapure AR
  Arsenazo III extrapure AR
  Auramine O for microscopy
  Azomethine H Monosodium Salt Hydrate for microscopy
  Azoviolet extrapure
  Azur A for microscopy
  Azur I (B) for microscopy
  Azur II for microscopy
  Borax carmine (Grenacher) for microscopy
  Brilliant Blue R Staining Solution
  Brilliant Cresyl Blue for microscopy
  Brilliant Green Indicator Cl No. 42040
  Bromocresol Green Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Bromocresol Green Indicator Powder
  Bromocresol Green Sodium Salt (water soluble) ACSnew
  Bromocresol Purple Indicator Powder
  Bromocresol Purple Indicator Powder, ACS, ExiPlus
  Bromocresol Purple Sodium Salt for molecular biologynew
  Bromophenol Blue Indicator
  Bromophenol Blue Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Bromopyrogallol Red extrapure ARnew
  Bromothymol Blue Indicator
  Bromothymol Blue Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Calmagite AR
  Carbol Fuchsin Powder
  Celestine Blue for microscopy
  Chloranitine Fast Red BB
  Chlorophenol Red Indicator
  Chromazurol S for microscopy
  Chromotrope 2R Indicator
  Chrysoidine Ynew
  Chrysoidine Rnew
  Congo Red Indicator Powder
  m-Cresol Purple AR
  Cresol Red Indicator
  Cresyl Violet Acetate for microscopy
  Crystal Violet for microscopy
  Crystal Violet Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Curcumin (Turmeric yellow) for microscopy
  DAPI Dihydrochloride for molecular biology
  Dess Martin Periodinane extrapure
  2,6 Dichlorophenol Indophenol Sodium Salt,
  Diphenylcarbazone extrapure AR, ACS, 35-40%new
  Eosin Yellow (w|s) for microscopy
  Eriochrome Black T extrapure AR
  Eriochrome cyanine R for microscopy, C.I. No 43820
  Erioglaucine Disodium Salt
  Erythrosin B for microscopy C.I.No. 45430
  Evans Blue for microscopy
  Fast Blue B Salt (DBB) extrapure
  Fast Blue BB Salt Hemi Zinc Chloride Salt extrapure
  Fast Blue RR Salt extrapure
  Fast Red TR Salt Hemi(Zinc Chloride) salt extrapure
  Fluorescein Sodium Salt
  Fuchsin Basic for microscopy
  Giemsa Stain for microscopy
  Gram's Iodine for microscopy
  Hematoxylin Monohydrate for microscopy
  Hematoxylin solution (Delafield's) for microscopy
  Hematoxylin solution (Ehrlich) for microscopy
  Hematoxylin solution (Harris) for microscopy
  Hematoxylin Solution (Mayer`s) for microscopy
  p-Hydroxyazobenzene pure
  Hydroxynaphthol Blue
  Indigo Carmine extrapure AR
  Jenner`s stain
  Leishman solution for microscopy
  Leishman Stain
  Light Green SF Yellowish
  Lugols Iodine 5% Solution for microscopy
  Malachite Green Oxalate Staining Powder
  p-Methoxyazobenzene extrapure AR
  Methyl Green (Zinc Chloride Double Salt) Indicator ExiPlus
  Methyl Green for microscopy
  Methyl Orange Indicator
  Methyl Red Indicator
  Methyl Red Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Methyl Violet for microscopy
  Methylene blue (1% aqueous) for microscopy
  Methylene Blue Trihydrate for microscopy
  Murexide extrapure AR
  Murexide extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus (Ammonium Purpurate)
  Neisser's stain A (methylene blue) for microscopy
  Neisser's stain B (crystal violet) for microscopy
  Neisser's stain C (chrysoidine) for microscopy
  Neutral Red Indicator
  Neutral Red Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  New Methylene Blue N Zinc Chloride Double Salt
  Nigrosin 10% w/v for microscopy
  Nigrosin Alcohol Soluble for microscopy
  Nigrosin Water Soluble for microscopy
  Nile Blue Chloride for microscopy
  Nile Blue Sulphate for microscopy
  Nile Red Indicator for microscopy
  Nuclear Fast Red for microscopy C.I. No. 60760
  o-Cresolphthalein Complexon extrapure AR
  o-Cresolphthalein Indicator AR
  Orange G Dye
  Orcein for microscopy
  p-Rosolic Acid Indicator
  PAN Indicator extrapure AR
  PAR Indicator extrapure
  Phenol Red Indicator
  Phenol Red Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Phenolphthalein Indicator extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus
  Phenolphthalein Indicator Solutionnew
  Phenolphthalein Indicator
  Phloxin B for microscopy
  Ponceau S
  Ponceau S Staining Solution
  Pyronin G Indicator (Pyronin Y)(C.I. 45005) for microscopy
  Quinaldine Red
  Reactive Blue 21 (Remazol Turquoise Blue G-133) for microscopy
  Reactive Orange 107 (Remazol Golden Yellow RNL) for microscopy
  Reactive Orange 16 (Remazol Brilliant Orange 3R)(C.I. 17757) for microscopy
  Reactive Red 120 (C.I. 292775) for microscopy
  Reactive Red 180 (Remazol Brilliant Red F3B) for microscopy
  Reactive Red 21 (Remazol Red BB) for microscopy
  Reactive Red 35 (Remazol Brilliant Red 5B) for microscopy
  Reactive Violet 5 (Remazol Brilliant Violet 5R)(C.I. 18097) for microscopy
  Reactive Yellow 17 (Remazol Golden Yellow G)(C.I. 18852) for microscopy
  Remazol Brilliant Blue R (Reactive Blue 19)
  Resazurin Sodium extrapure AR
  Resazurin Sodium extrapure AR, ExiPlus
  Resorufin Sodium Salt extrapure
  Rhodamine B for microscopy & biochemistry
  p-Rosaniline Hydrochloride Indicator
  Rose Bengal Indicator
  Ruthenium Red for microscopy
  Safranine O for microscopy
  Silver Proteinate extrapure
  Solochrom Dark Blue (Calcon)
  Sudan black for microscopy C.I. No. 26150
  Sudan III for microscopy
  Sudan IV for microscopy C.I. No. 26105
  Tartrazine for microscopy C.I. No. 19140
  Tetrazolium Violet extrapure
  Tetrazolium Violet (high purity) extrapure AR
  Thioflavin T for microscopy C.I. No. 49005
  Thionin Acetate for microscopy
  Thorin Indicator extrapure AR
  Thymol Blue Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Thymol Blue Indicator extrapure
  Thymol Blue Indicator solution for microscopy
  Thymol Crystal pure
  Thymol Violet
  Thymolphthalein Indicator ACS, ExiPlus
  Thymolphthelexone Indicator
  Titan Yellow for microscopy
  Toluidine Blue O for microscopy
  Tropaeolin O for microscopy C.I. No. 14270
  Tropaeolin OO (Orange IV) for microscopy
  Trypan Blue 0.4% Solution
  Trypan Blue Indicator (C.I. 23850)
  Wright Stain Powder
  Xylene Cyanol FF
  Xylene Cyanol FF Indicator extrapure AR, ExiPlus
  Xylenol Orange extrapure AR
  Xylenol Orange extrapure AR, ACS, ExiPlus

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