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Why SRL culture media ?

SRL media cater to the microbiologists / mycologists from the various fields of water testing industry, cosmetics, dairy, biochemical testing, clinical microbiology, medical microbiology, brewery, pharmaceuticals, textile industry, etc. in enumerating, isolating and differentiating various types of microorganisms.

The use of the highest quality of raw materials, especially the biologicals, enable our media to give standard colony size, colony count and optimum growth along with the specified colony characteristics.

The Agar used in the manufacture of our Dehydrated Culture Media is of the best source and hence the media (plates/slants) prepared, give the desired gel strength making it easy to streak.

The pH of all our products has been adjusted to give the desired pH after autoclaving and hence the customer need not add anything for adjusting the pH.

All our product batches undergo a stringent Quality Control Analysis using numerous ATCC strains, before they are released for sale.

Our media related to fungal cultures like “Potato Dextrose Agar”, has been a hot favorite for the isolation and differentiation of various typical dermatophytes. Also, our media related to bacterial cultures, like “EMB Agar” and “Endo Agar”, exhibit excellent growth of Escherichia coli with good metallic sheen.

In addition to the range of Dehydrated Microbiological Media, we also provide the highest quality biological raw materials used in the preparation of various microbiological and tissue culture media.

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