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Aug 04, 2009

Dear Scientist,


We are very pleased to release our new product range, BioLitTM. This range includes DNA and Protein Tools for the avid customer who is looking for high quality products. These products are in Ready-to-Use form and hence provide ease of use. The quality of these products is kept at par with the highest industry standards, as is the case with all other products of SRL.


The products are stringently tested and prepared in clean environments to enable minimum optimum results, minimum variance and maximum reproducibility. The pack sizes are selected to ensure optimum usage for the user.


The products at a glance:


            BLM006          BioLit  Lo-range 

            BLM007          BioLit  Mid-range  marker: 0.5 - 5 kb 

            BLM008          BioLit  Hi-range  marker: 2.0 - 25 kb  

            BLM009          BioLit  Wide-range  marker: 0.1 - 5 kb           

            BLM010          BioLit  Lambda Hind III Marker

            BLM011          BioLit  Lambda-EcoRI Marker

            BLM012          BioLit  Lambda Double  Digest Marker                                   

            BLL001           BioLit  100 bp Ladder

            BLL002           BioLit  50 bp Ladder                                       

            BLL003           BioLit  PCR Ladder    

            BLL004           BioLit  Wide Range Ladder: 0.05 - 1 kb         

            BLL005           BioLit 100 bp Ladder Plus       

            BLM001          BioLit  Midrange 1:14-80 kDa 

            BLM002          BioLit  Midrange 2:17-80 kDa                                     

            BLM003          BioLit  Midrange 3: 14-95 kDa

            BLM004          BioLit  Popular range: 14-66 kDa

            BLM005          BioLit  Low range: 3-40 kDa   

            BLV001           BioLit  pBR322           

            BLV002           BioLit  pUC18

            BLV003           BioLit  pUC19



The complete technical and price list of BioLitTM products is documented in the latest SRL Catalog 2009-10. Ask your nearest local Authorised Stockist or Dealer for a copy. Alternately, you may send us a mail at our offices and we shall be happy to send you a copy as soon as possible.


The complete details and product listings will be also be available on the website soon.


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