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Dec 04, 2009

SRL has always been a market innovator. Change and continual improvement is the motto of our technical departments.

The SRL Culture Media Kits are the newest innovation in its microbiology segment of products, primarily for Single-usage purposes. These kits are designed for the benefit of the professors, lab technicians, researchers and student groups.

No more do you have to rely on standard packing of our media! You can now you can buy 2/3/4 frequently used dehydrated media in pre-weighed quantities. These quantities are sufficient to prepare precisely 1 litre media solution.

This is the first time; we are launching such a product which has the following advantages:

  •          No more manual weighing
  •          No more wastage of media during weighing
  •          Avoid improper handling of bottles and media
  •          Avoid lump formation on storage
  •          Saves time and requires minimum effort
  •          Long storage life of 3-5 years
  •          User-friendly bottles and examination friendly kits

We have carefully carried out research to understand the growing needs of our microbiology customers and research users, and aim to fulfill your requirements in a way that will add value to your needs by providing additional care while making the best buying decision.

SRL Culture Media Kits at a glance, 

GK 016    General Purpose Kit I

GK 017    General Purpose Kit II

SK 049 Sterility Test Kit

FK 017 Fungi Cultivation Kit

IK 012 IMViC Test Kit

BK 051 Biochemical Test Kit

The complete details of each Kit and their content are available in the detailed product section of the website. 

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