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BioLit Products & Buffer Solutions
Jan 15, 2010

BioLit products are DNA and Protein Tools designed specifically for molecular biology applications. They are specifically directed towards the research and academia and work best with SRL Agaroses, Sodium Lauryl Sulphates or Acrylamide products.

All these are in the Ready-to-Use form for easy of application by the user. Testing and manufacturing is done under expert supervision and guidance using the state-of-the-art techniques. We ensure that these products generate optimum results, minimum variation and maximum reproducibility for consistent long term usage. 

We have made special efforts to select just the right pack sizes and product characteristics for precise usage. Even prominent Industry veterans have verified and attested these products and given excellent feedback. 

 The products at a glance are

Product Code Product Name

BLM006                      BioLit Lo-range 

            BLM007                      BioLit Mid-range marker: 0.5 - 5 kb 

            BLM008                      BioLit Hi-range marker: 2.0 - 25 kb  

            BLM009                      BioLit Wide-range marker: 0.1 - 5 kb           

            BLM010                      BioLit Lambda Hind III Marker

            BLM011                      BioLit Lambda-EcoRI Marker

            BLM012                     BioLit Lambda Double Digest Marker 

            BLL001                       BioLit 100 bp Ladder

            BLL002                       BioLit 50 bp Ladder                                       

            BLL003                       BioLit PCR Ladder    

            BLL004                       BioLit Wide Range Ladder: 0.05 - 1 kb         

            BLL005                       BioLit 100 bp Ladder Plus       

            BLM001                      BioLit Midrange 1:14-80 kDa 

            BLM002                     BioLit Midrange2:17-80 kDa

            BLM003                      BioLit Midrange 3: 14-95 kDa

            BLM004                      BioLit Popular range: 14-66 kDa

            BLM005                      BioLit Low range: 3-40 kDa   

            BLV001                       BioLit pBR322           

            BLV002                       BioLit pUC18

            BLV003                       BioLit pUC19


For details, visit individual pages of each product.

There are also other accessory buffer solutions introduced by SRL in addition to the BioLit Range. They are,

 Product Code             Product Name

1924297                      20X SSPE Buffer 

            2024277                      50X TAE Buffer 

            2024278                      10X TBE Buffer  

            2024279                      10X TE Buffer           

            2024280                      50X TRIS-Glycine Buffer


These solutions provide the basic user with all the necessary consumable chemicals and ready-to-use products for academia, experimentation or research.

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