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Acetone VLSI Semiconductor Grade, 99.5% new

Part A
HSN Code : 29141100
IMDG Identification : UN No.:1090 , IMCO Class No.:3 , Packing Group:II
Molecular Formula : C3H6O
Molecular Weight : 58.08
Storage : Room Temperature
Acetone VLSI Semiconductor Grade, 99.5%
Appearance (Clarity)Clear
Appearance (Colour)Colourless
Appearance (Form)Liquid
Particles > 0.5 μmmax. 250 P/ml
Assay (GC)min. 99.5%
Density (g/ml) @ 20°C0.789-0.792
Refractive Index (20°C)1.358-1.360
Boiling Range55-56°C
Non Volatile Mattermax. 0.0005%
Acidity (CH3COOH)max. 0.002%
Free alkali (as NH3)max. 0.0002%
Chloride (CI)max. 0.00001%
Sulphate (SO4)max. 0.0001%
Substances reducing KMnO4max. 0.0002%
Ethanol (GC)max. 0.01%
Methanol (GC)max. 0.05%
Aldehydes (as HCHO)max. 0.001%
Water (KF)max. 0.2%
Bismuth (Bi)max. 0.02 ppm
Calcium (Ca)max. 0.05ppm
Cadmium (Cd)max. 0.01ppm
Cobalt (Co)max. 0.01ppm
Copper (Cu)max. 0.01ppm
Iron (Fe)max. 0.05ppm
Potassium (K)max. 0.02ppm
Magnesium (Mg)max. 0.02ppm
Manganese (Mn)max. 0.01ppm
Molybdenum (Mo)max. 0.01ppm
Sodium (Na)max. 0.05ppm
Nickel (Ni)max. 0.01ppm
Lead (Pb)max. 0.01ppm
Antimony (Sb)max. 0.01ppm
Tin (Sn)max. 0.02ppm
Strontium (Sr)max. 0.01ppm
Titanium (Ti)max. 0.01ppm
Vanadium (V)max. 0.01ppm
Zinc (Zn)max. 0.02ppm
Silver (Ag)max. 0.01ppm
Aluminium (Al)max. 0.05ppm
Arsenic (As)max. 0.01ppm
Gold (Au)max. 0.02ppm
Boron (B)max. 0.01ppm
Beryllium (Be)max. 0.01ppm
Barium (Ba)max. 0.02ppm
Chromium (Cr)max. 0.01ppm
Gallium (Ga)max. 0.01ppm
Indium (In)max. 0.01ppm
Lithium (Li)max. 0.01ppm
Platinum (Pt)max. 0.02ppm
Thallium (Ti)max. 0.01ppm
Zirconium (Zr)max. 0.01ppm
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