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FSP TAQ DNA Polymerase (5U/µl)

Part E
Storage : -20 °C (Blue/Dry Ice)
Shelf Life : 24 Months
HSN Code : 38229090
IMDG Identification :Not Regulated for Transport (Non-Haz)
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Source/OriginThermus aquaticus
Appearance (Form)Liquid
Appearance (Colour)Colourless
Appearance (Clarity)Clear
Absence of nucleasesNo obvious degradation was seen after incubation at room temperature for one week
DNA contaminationNo Plasmid or Genomic DNA contimination seen
FSP Taq DNA polymerase is the latest generation Taq-based DNA polymerase. It possesses high amplification efficiency as Taq polymerase does, and fast elongation ability as KOD polymerase does, can be used in a variety of PCR. The FSP PCR Buffer, designed for FSP Taq DNA polymerase, can be used in fast amplification reaction. The elongation rate of FSP Taq DNA Polymerase is 2-fold higher than the one of regular Taq DNA polymerase, which shortens the amplification time by half.

Routine PCR
PCR labeling
PCR sequencing
Generate PCR product for TA cloning

250 Units
• FSP TAQ Polymerase (5U/μl) - 50 μl
• 10X FSP TAQ Buffer (with Mg2+ ) - 1.25ml
• 6 X Loading Buffer - 1.0ml

1000 Units
• FSP TAQ Polymerase (5U/μl) - 200 μl
• 10X FSP TAQ Buffer (with Mg2+ ) - 1.25ml x 2
• 6 X Loading Buffer - 1.0ml
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250 Units
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1000 Units
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