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Restriction Enzymes or RE's are special enzymes that cut the DNA molecules into smaller pieces or fragments. This process is called Restriction digestion. These simple but powerful tools are molecular scissors and have been the mainstay in experimental molecular biology of DNA to generate fragments of defined sizes and having proper ends for cloning, release cloned fragments of DNA, characterizing a given DNA by restricting mapping and use of such a map to differentiate between closely and distantly related genes or DNA.

These special enzymes recognize specific sequences in the DNA molecule (for example GATATC) wherever that sequence occurs in the DNA. Because they cut within the molecule, they cut straight across the double helix producing 'blunt' ends or the ends of the cut have an overhanging piece of single-stranded DNA called 'sticky ends'. offers a large variety of RE's that encompass most of the needs of a researcher.

SRL RE's are highly pure, do not affect the integrity of the DNA and enable it to be chosen for even the most demanding applications. Appropriate buffers accompany the enzyme packs to ensure their maximum activity. All enzymes are available at a concentration of 10U/ul.

  NdeI (10U/µl)
  AluI (10U/μl)
  BamHI (10U/µl)
  BglII (10U/µl)
  BglI (10U/µl)
  Eco91I (BstEII) (10U/µl)
  DraI (10U/µl)
  EcoRI (10U/µl)
  EcoRV (Eco321) (10U/µl)
  HaeIII (BsuRI, BshFI) (10U/ul)
  HincII (HindII) (10U/ul)
  HindIII (10U/µl)
  HinfI (10U/µl)
  KpnI (10U/µl)
  KspAI (HpaI) (10U/µl)
  MboI (10U/µl)
  BspTI (MspCI,AflII) (10U/µl)
  NcoI (10U/µl)
  Not I (10U/µl)
  PstI (10U/µl)
  Pvull (10U/µl)
  Rsa I (10U/µl)
  SacI (10U/ul)
  SalI (10U/µl)
  Sau3AI (Bsp143I) (10U/ul)
  SmaI (10U/µl)
  SpeI (BcuI) (10U/ul)
  SspI (10U/ul)
  XbaI (10U/µl)
  XhoI (SlaI) (10U/µl)

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